Google Workspace Support

From start-ups to rapidly growing companies, we utilise Google's full suite of applications to help your business grow.

Google Drive on an iPhone being held
Google Drive on an iPhone being held

Why partner with VISCREO

We provide Google Workspace support to the Southampton, Romsey, Andover, Eastleigh and Totton areas. No matter what environment you are running, we make sure that Google Workspace seamlessly integrates with your business needs.

Comprehensive and understanding training sessions are also provided to all your staff as part of our service.

When to use Google Workspace

It can be challenging choosing which platform to commit to. Here are some of the most common reasons our customers move to Google Workspace:

Moving away from Dropbox

For companies using storage solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive provides a scalable & cost effective alternative while still proving a familiar experience.

Looking for scalability

If you are using an outdated IMAP system or looking to move away from your web provider's email solution, Google Mail unlocks a range of functionality at little cost to the business.

A simple & unified experience

The Google Workspace ecosystem provides an easy-to-use and to adopt experience for all staff members.

Disaster Recovery
Screenshot of cloud backup system on a laptop
Disaster Recovery

Backups that ensure business continuity

Data security is a vital part of your ensuring business’ success in case of external or internal disasters. All our cloud products are regularly backed up at very little cost to your business.

This service is provided as standard, keeping your business safe and secure from threats external and internal.

Frequently asked questions

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Should I use Google or Microsoft?

There is no particularly correct answer to this question. We provide customers with both options to suite a range of different requirements. If you are looking for a very easy-to-adopt solution and only have < 50 employees then we typically recommend Google Workspace.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an IT solution you can grow into and require more enterprise level functionality - such as advanced auditing, permission sets and backups - then we would recommend adopting Microsoft 365.

Can you backup my Google Workspace?

Yes, we can! Traditionally, Google Workspace used to be harder to backup than other platforms. Nowadays, we can backup your Google Workspace emails, calendars & files to the cloud, a server in your office or to a sever in our office.

We get Google from our website provider, is this different?

Yes. Your website/domain provider may offer a Google Workspace package as part of their services. However, this will typically have far fewer features, be harder to scale and become harder to move away from the longer you use it.

Are you looking to adopt Google Workspace?

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you easily and quickly transition at little cost to your business.

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