Networks & Connectivity

We provide reliable and robust network connectivity solutions that keep your business online and provide your employees with the speeds for success.

Ethernet & fiber cables connected to Ubiquity router
Ethernet & fiber cables connected to Ubiquity router

Ubiquiti site-wide connectivity

Our Ubiquiti routers, switches & access points provide robust and seamless site-wide connectivity to your users. All our technology allows for central & remote management so that we can deploy changes quickly and monitor quality of service from anywhere.

We also provide cabling solutions for small offices looking to upgrade from CAT5 to CAT6 or upgrade their broadband provider.

Delivering reliable & robust network solutions

Ensure your network is geared up to handle your immediate and long-term network requirements through our robust and scalable solutions.

Instant scalability

We ensure your network is configured to instantly scale to your business needs.

Extended coverage

Our choice of technology ensures complete coverage of your premises, internally and externally.

Remote management

Rest easy knowing we are available to continuously monitor and configure your network remotely.

Secure connectivity

From firewalls, to hidden networks and advanced encryption, all our network connectivity is securely delivered.

Frequently asked questions

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Can you improve my signal strength?

Yes, we can improve your WiFi’s signal strength in several ways. All our access points come with WiFi 6 for maximum signal strength and speeds. We also take into consideration a wide range of factors such as distance, interference and existing cabling infrastructure.

What is the difference between Cat5e & Cat6?

Category 5e & 6 (or Cat for short) refer to a generation of data cabling standards. Further generations represent greater signal distance, strength and bandwidth capabilities. We recommend reading our article to get a deeper understanding.

If you are looking to adopt 1Gbp/s broadband, we recommend upgrading your infrastructure to Cat6 to make the most out of those speeds. Get in touch for a free audit and quote!

Do you perform cabling?

Yes, we do! If you have existing trunking or false ceilings we can upgrade your network with all new cabling. All our cabling work is performed on a weekend to minimise disruption. Other than our standard daily rate, we only charge for the cost of materials used (RJ45 plugs / cabling per metre / etc)

For patching panels and desktops, we source pre-made Cat6 ethernet cables from a reputable vendor.

Looking to upgrade your office network?

Get in touch today to arrange a free & independent same-day site audit or give us a call to find out how we can help speed up your business.

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