POGO Stencil Artist

A UK-based stencil artist who needed a website with a quick turnaround to take his business to the next level.

Spray paint graphic wall


28 Dec 2022

1 min


POGO is a local stencil artist who began his passion in 2014. Having amassed a strong following on social media, he needed a way of showcasing his pieces on a more personalised level.


The website had to be visually striking to visitors so that POGO could truly show off his art in style. An emphasis was also put on mobile design, as most of his visitors would come from mobile social media platforms or QR codes embedded at the bottom of his murals.

Due to some exciting upcoming projects, POGO needed a quick turnaround for a website, which we are pleased to say we were able to deliver in just 3 weeks!


Thanks to a close working relationship, VISCREO was able to quickly capture POGO’s vision of how he wanted the website to turn out. POGO continues to receive compliments about the website - which continues to amass a steady stream of visitors.

Through our easy-to-use traffic monitoring dashboard, POGO has also informed us that he has been able to reach an even wider audience than before!