Hive Biomedical

Providing accessible and engaging resources to university students and alumni to help grow the university’s Biomedical Science mentoring program.

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1 Sep 2023

1 min

What we provided

  • 🖥️ An interactive and accessible website for all students
  • 🔀 A flexible project structure to accommodate a range of technologies in the future
  • 🎨 A professional yet engaging rebrand

Our goal

The programme leader for Biomedical Science courses at the University of Portsmouth approached us with a unique opportunity to develop an internal communications site for their Biomedical Science department. The goal of the project was to introduce interactivity into a lot of text-based content and drive engagement with mentors and alumni in the department.

We had to work closely with the programme leader to ensure we developed a fun and engaging brand, all while meeting usability requirements and departmental budgets. As with all our websites, future flexibility was a strong consideration - which is something that the customer later highlighted as a requirement. In future iterations of the project, we are looking to integrate user profiles, message boards and live chat functionality between alumni.

The result

Our resulting product was a fun, engaging and easy-to-use website that has already helped drive engagement with mentors within just a few weeks of launch.

Playing on the name “The Hive” we also launched a rebrand of the project - introducing a unique orange/yellow colour scheme that remained professional yet welcoming. Another way we disassociated the website from a “corporate” look and feel was through the use of a handwritten font and brush stroke effects on interactive elements.

The project was a collaborative effort between the project leader, almuni and ourselves - continuously building upon feedback to ensure we developed a site that remained true to the requirements of the students.