Hearing Hearts

A compassionate and accessible website providing therapy services and aiding people struggling with various addictions in the Wiltshire area.

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23 May 2023

3 mins

What we provided

  • 🖥️ A modernised and accessible website with a rapid turnaround
  • 🛠️ A managed and non-technical hosting solution for Hearing Hearts
  • 🧑‍💻 An easy-to-adopt and secure IT infrastructure

Our goal

Pippa had originally found us online and approached us with the goal of modernising her existing website.

A big driving factor for this was the heavy reliance on Wordpess plugins and their increasing requirement for maintenance - which wasn’t possible due to version conflicts with each other. This over-reliance on Wordpress to use plugins is unfortunately a common pitfall that unlocks a range of performance issues and security risks.

Prior to our meeting with Pippa, we performed a comprehensive audit of the website. Our results showed that her website had in fact been compromised and was being used to promote a suspicious e-commerce site in China. Upon further investigation, this was deemed to be caused by an outdated WordPress SEO plugin.

Pippa had also stated that she needed a simple technical solution, as this was not an area of business she was comfortable with. She was reassured that we would be contactable at every step of the way and appreciated being able to discuss any issues with humans locally.

Our condensed requirements

  • 🛠️ A non-technical / managed approach to maintaining the website
  • ⏳ A rapid solution to combat the plugin problem
  • 🔒 Secure delivery of contact form requests

Business background

Pippa is an accredited Psychotherapist (MBACP, ACC, ATSAC, STOPSO) and Hearing Hearts is a counselling and therapy practice run by herself. The business runs predominately online (hence the reliance on a website) but is soon to expand to physical premises.

How we achieved this

This project was a testament to the importance of clear and concise communication. Pippa knew that we were only a quick phone call away at every step of the process. From our first in-person meeting to our final training session, Pippa was reassured that a local and dependable provider was ready to assist.

Within 2 days of our initial meeting with Pippa, we had begun the process of designing the new pages and building them in unison. This approach of “on-the-go” design and development allowed us to achieve a build time of just 1 week. With an additional 1 week for feedback time, we released a fully functioning website in just 2 weeks from our initial meeting.

Unlike the previous website, we continually monitor and patch all our websites as standard. Our managed approach ensures that our customers don’t have to be technical experts - and that we are available 7 days a week to assist with any queries. By not using any plugins, we also eliminate the risk of similar security issues occurring in the future.

The result

Our finished product was an inclusive, approachable and modern website that reflects the caring services that Hearing Hearts provide - while remaining true to the original design that Pippa had come to love. But don’t take our word for it, come take a look at the results yourself: