Happy Dental Ltd

A showcase product focused on modernising the online presence of independent dental practices.

Happy Dental background


28 Nov 2022

1 min


Happy Dental was designed with the intention of modernising the web presence of independent dental practices. Happy Dental is a local independent practice that offers various dental services to customers of all ages. As such, they required a website that would be easily accessible to all demographics and device types.

Industry Problem

During our analysis of surrounding dental practices, we also discovered that around 50% of the websites did not have a valid SSL certificate. Not only should this be a key requirement for any modern website, but this also becomes a lot more substantiated when you begin to consider the sensitive nature of health data being submitted on through the website.

A lack of secure websites in this field should serve to highlight the importance of choosing a proactive web development company. Here at VISCREO, we don't just offer “fit and forget” solutions, we continually review and evaluate all our customers to ensure their designs are keeping up with the latest trends. We also only use trusted and respected hosting providers, ensuring that your website remains secure not just this year but every year.


The end result of our work is an incredibly fast and responsive website that is easy to use by visitors of all abilities. Our design time on this project was 1 day and our development time was just under 2 days, including deployment configuration. Everything was built from the ground up using the Vue.js framework.

Want to find out more about how performant and efficient we make our websites? Why not read Google's report on how Happy Dental performs?

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